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In “How to Be Gay,” David M. Halperin argues that when it comes to defining what it means to be a homosexual man, sex is overrated. Joan Crawford, and on a single scene in a single movie, the drama “Mildred Pierce. down hipster irony in the face of the kind of gay male irony that defines camp.

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Please enter your email address and we will email you a new password. We want to hear what you have to say but need to verify your account. Just leave us a message here and we will work on getting you verified. All Critics 8 Fresh 7 Rotten 1. With an extremely short running time, it manages to capture the essence of what made the comic book work so well. The movie looks great, with a moody use of shadows and darkness and dreary, lowdown locations. Jeffrey M. A stale adaptation of the classic Frank Miller comic. The film drowns in bad voice work and lacks the visual nuances found in the original story.

Not just Batman's tale, but it's also Commissioner Gordon's tale Felix Vasquez Jr. For a story constructed out of choppy slices, this is probably the most unified of the DC animated features. Sean Axmaker. Batman: Year One adapts Frank Miller's tale with excellent animation and first-rate voice work from a talented cast, finding a nice balance between human moments and exciting action sequences.

Mike McGranaghan. The graphic novel, as they say, is always better but this animated adaptation of the s comic isn't half bad. James O'Ehley. Marital infidelity, child prostitution and civic corruption are bluntly although tastefully displayed - it just so happens that there's also a guy zipping around town in a bat suit. Jordan Hoffman. Top Box Office. More Top Movies Trailers. Certified Fresh Picks. American Horror Story: Castle Rock: Season 2. The Flash: Season 6. Into The Dark: Season 2. Robot: Season 4. Riverdale: Season 4. Saturday Night Live: Season Succession: Season 2.

Supergirl: Season 5. The Walking Dead: Season Certified Fresh Pick. View All.

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Fall TV. TV Premiere Dates The police try to capture Batman numerous times, but Bruce is too elusive and alert to fall for their traps. In addition, the maverick district attorney, Harvey Dent , becomes Batman's secret ally. After a night of following useless leads, Gordon and his partner, Detective Sarah Essen , see a truck barreling down the street. They give chase and Gordon hands the wheel over to Essen as he tries to get into the vehicle. An old, homeless woman stands in the way of the truck and is about to be run over just as soon as Batman jumps in and shoves her out of the way.

Batman: Year One- Batman Strikes Again

The bus runs into a wall and Gordon briefly blacks out, only to awake moments later and find Essen holding Batman at gunpoint. She is momentarily distracted when she turns to ask if he is all right and Batman takes advantage to disarm her and flee into an abandoned building. When cops arrive on the scene, the commissioner is quick to call in the trigger-happy Branden and his squad to drop a bomb on the building, which the Commissioner claims has already been scheduled for demolition. While dodging the fire from the explosion, Batman's belt which contained explosives catches fire, and he is forced to discard it.

After suffering two dizzying gun wounds, Batman escapes into the secure basement and survives the blast. A crowd gathers outside the building.

Stuck with only a blow gun and 3 darts, Batman uses a small device in his boot to summon thousands of bats from his cave to the building. A battle occurs as the police storm into the building and hunt him down. He incapacitates some and even saves a cat, jumping out of the building after throwing a police officer forcefully through a wall and takes advantage of the chaos that occurs when the bat colony arrives to speed away on a police motorcycle and escape. Gordon has a brief affair with Essen. During the affair, he is confronted by the Commissioner, who threatens to inform his wife of the affair if he doesn't comply.

Gordon, after bringing his wife to an interview with Bruce Wayne, whom he and others suspect of being Batman, stops the car in the driveway on the way back and tells her about his affair. Essen later leaves for New York. Months pass and Batman overhears the local mafia boss, Carmine Falcone , planning revenge against Gordon. Selina Kyle, frustrated because she feels her petty crimes aren't enough, interferes and attacks the group.

Batman does not appear, but helps Selina from the shadows, throwing small bat-shaped blades laced with tranquilizers at some of the men. Bruce, while working out, figures out the plan based on the part of the conversation he was able to record. Gordon is called away by the police to investigate a robbery.

On his way out, a mysterious motorist entering his garage raises Gordon's suspicions, as Gordon has never seen the motorist. He returns to the garage only to find his wife and baby being pulled into a car. He shoots and kills the men trying to take his wife, who survives; however, one assailant is unharmed.

The car leaves with Gordon's baby in it, and Gordon shoots the motorist, takes his motorcycle and follows.

DC Universe

The motorist, Bruce, is unharmed thanks to a bullet-proof vest. He attempts to leave, but not before Barbara threatens to shoot him. She lets him go when he promises to save her baby, takes a bicycle from a passing stranger, and pursues Gordon and the car.


Gordon shoots out a wheel on the car and it crashes into the side of a bridge. The don's hired knife, his nephew, exits the car, baby in hand. A struggle ensues and the baby is thrown off the bridge, followed by Gordon.

Batman: Year One (Comic Book) - TV Tropes

However, Bruce had already arrived and dived after the baby before Gordon even falls over the rail. Gordon, having lost his glasses in the struggle with the hitman, thanks Bruce whom he claims to not recognize due to his aforementioned missing glasses and makes it clear that he won't turn him in. Dent and Batman's efforts bear fruit with Flass, who is persuaded to turn damaging states evidence against his superiors, including a disgraced Commissioner Loeb, who is forced to resign. Although his immediate replacement, Grogan, is apparently worse, Gordon is content for the moment with receiving a job promotion and family counseling with his wife.

The story ends with the new Captain Gordon waiting on the rooftop of the GCPD headquarters for Batman, to discuss somebody called The Joker and his scheme to poison the reservoir. The story also includes the first appearance of Mafia don Carmine Falcone. In another continuity re-arrangement, Catwoman: Year One Catwoman Annual 2, posited that Selina Kyle had not actually been a prostitute, but, rather, a thief posing as one in order to commit crimes. Watch now. Title: Batman: Year One Video The Batman has returned after a year absence. The Gotham authorities want to arrest him.

An old foe wants a reunion. The Feds want the Man of Tomorrow to put a stop to him. Batman has not been seen for ten years.