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In “How to Be Gay,” David M. Halperin argues that when it comes to defining what it means to be a homosexual man, sex is overrated. Joan Crawford, and on a single scene in a single movie, the drama “Mildred Pierce. down hipster irony in the face of the kind of gay male irony that defines camp.

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And how far have edibles come from crumbly, brain-melting brownies? Spoiler: I was high for a lot of hours. My first dinner in L. For those curious, this would be enough to convince me that Captain Planet is a historical figure. We agreed on 20 milligrams, the typical dosage for his dinners and a number far less terrifying to me and the slightly wary friend I'd dragged to the dinner.

Then we were greeted with oysters and wine and a playlist heavy on Frank Ocean, and we realized we were in good hands. With the help of a sous-chef, Reyes cooked us seven courses at his apartment in downtown L. There can be bundles of red tape with meals like these—less so when they occur on private property—but the majority of people I spoke with in California are banking on full legality in the near future and little pushback now.

Those oysters arrived in a perky, salty mignonette of infused citrus vinegar and studded with blips of Cara Cara orange. We ate a day dry-aged New York strip basted with weed butter, whose seared edges smelled like a rich, funky caramel. We ate snap peas—snap peas! Dessert was a deceptively rich sweet-potato custard with various crunchy doodads on top, plus a pre-rolled joint that Reyes sent me to fetch from under his bathroom sink.

Each dish felt unfussy but modern, the sort of restaurant-esque experience I'd tell my friends to go spend their money on. It felt like the future of…something. This wasn't a meal that needed weed as a crutch so much as a genuinely delicious dinner that happened to get me stoned. Stoned enough that by the time dessert came, everything felt shinier, each new bite a tiny Christmas-morning surprise.

To get the cannabis into his food, Reyes uses weed butter, infused oil, or distillate a super-viscous oil that comes in a dropper bottle , all of which are meticulously dosed so he can keep track of how many grams of THC are in each course. That science largely involves decarboxylation, a delicate process wherein the cannabis flower is heated for a period of time to activate the THC.

It can get complicated. Some chefs skip the issue altogether by simply handing you a joint. One of those is Holden Jagger, a fine-dining-cum-cannabis chef who started serving infused private dinners through his company, Altered Plates, in Recently he's shifted from infusing food to a pairing model, in which each course is strategically matched with a strain of weed. Jagger—an L.

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But weed with dinner is easy. Weed in dinner is harder. Which may be why THC-powered restaurants aren't yet proliferating across even the friendly states. Or you may find yourself at an event run by Cannabis Supper Club, a one-year-old company that hosts seven-course meals paired with weed from California grower WonderBrett. I attended a Cannabis Supper Club dinner on a sunny afternoon in a cavernous restaurant in Hollywood, eating with founder Marc Leibel; he spent equal time praising each of the seven courses and discussing the business opportunities that weed dinners present.

He's toeing the line between establishing culinary cred and wringing as much money as possible from a booming market. It's a trap many weed dinners fall into, using a luxurious but outdated format that feels like a Band-Aid over a mediocre product. Then came dessert—a coupe glass full of Pepto-pink mango panna cotta garnished with passion-fruit foam, tiny cubes of kiwi and strawberry, and a stoner's fistful of Cocoa Puffs.

I think "the emperor wears no clothes" by jack herer is a must read for any book loving mj fan.

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Gotta keep up in related fields too, like chemistry, physics, botany, engineering, politics Great info, I'll have to get some pics up to show what a little reading did for my babies. No plants do not read. Diff leaves, colors, I wish I had started sooner, but never to late to grow your own.

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Would anyone be interested in a book by me? Serious question.

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