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The number must be recorded on a temporary transportation tag and kept with the turkey until processing begins.

NJDEP Division of Fish & Wildlife - Wild Turkey in New Jersey

For an online printable version of a temporary transportation tag, see hunting. Turkey hunters must meet fluorescent hunter orange requirements while hunting turkeys Dec. See hunter orange requirements on General Information. While hunting wild turkey, it is illegal to use or possess a dog, another domesticated animal, a live decoy, a recorded call, an electronically powered or controlled decoy, or bait. An area is considered baited for 10 days after the removal of the bait and affected soil, but an area is not considered to be baited that is attractive to wild turkeys resulting from normal agricultural practices.

Wild Turkey Indiana Hunting License Requirements To hunt wild turkey, a valid turkey hunting license and a valid gamebird habitat stamp privilege are required. Fall archery including crossbows : Statewide from Oct. Fall firearms: Oct. You learn to be extra careful when choosing your seat on a turkey hunt.

Wild turkeys are tough old birds. Here’s why you should hunt and cook them

Consider carefully where you place your bum, as discomfort can take many forms. Ellis carries a gobbler off the field. That was before smartphones. Now turkey hunters are texting, tweeting, checking Google earth and receiving email from trail cams. If you are sitting on the ground, in camouflage, trying to be still, this phone thing can be a problem.

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A frequent turkey hunting partner is also a semi-recent smartphone owner. He came later to the party than me, but finally gave in. One time last spring, my partner was noticeably ignoring his phone for the first few days of the hunt. My partner was—quite properly—invested in killing a gobbler and not answering text messages.

How to hunt wild turkey

Yet on the last day of our hunt, my friend slipped up. It started when he made a long trek around a hardwood to intercept a gobbler.


He was super eager to fill at least one turkey tag. He circled around the bush and, sure enough, a gobbler was coming his way. Ruth said that the average nest initiation was April 9 and the average onset of incubation was April Ruth said that many experts feel that the early excessive removal of gobblers impacts the nesting success of hens. Based on that study, DNR recommended an April May 5 turkey season to the legislature which sets game and fish regulations.

After much work, they came up the the return to the split seasons and the one-bird per hunter during the first 10 days of the season.

OFAH Action

If we don't see an increase in harvest at the same time we see an increase in reproduction, we're going to stay on top of it and tweak it, if necessary. There is no sunset clause but there is a provision that we must report annually on the status of turkeys.

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