Capacity for Development: New Solutions to Old Problems

In “How to Be Gay,” David M. Halperin argues that when it comes to defining what it means to be a homosexual man, sex is overrated. Joan Crawford, and on a single scene in a single movie, the drama “Mildred Pierce. down hipster irony in the face of the kind of gay male irony that defines camp.

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Chris Brown Prince Chrishan. May 5, Retrieved May 5, Archived from the original on Retrieved 29 June Retrieved May 12, August 26, Retrieved August 26, Retrieved May 14, May 15, Retrieved May 16, Official Charts Company. Retrieved May 13, Retrieved September 7, Retrieved September 8, Retrieved April 1, Retrieved December 12, Recording Industry Association of America. Retrieved August 1, Retrieved May 6, On the menu: A kitchen wizard and a nutrition detective talk about the perfect hamburger, getting the most out of garlic, and why you should use vodka in just about everything.

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Researchers are trying to figure out who gets bored — and why — and what it means for ourselves and the economy. But should she? As it turns out, she can be pretty adamant in that realm as well. Suspenders may work better, but the dork factor is too high. How did an organ-squeezing belly tourniquet become part of our everyday wardrobe — and what other suboptimal solutions do we routinely put up with? Could something as simple and cheap as cognitive behavioral therapy do the trick?

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There are all kinds of civics-class answers to that question. How has Harlan Coben sold 70 million books? But society keeps exacting costs — out-of-pocket and otherwise — long after the prison sentence has been served. But it still might be the biggest gamble in town. The practice of medicine has been subsumed by the business of medicine. This is great news for healthcare shareholders — and bad news for pretty much everyone else.

A lot of the conventional wisdom in medicine is nothing more than hunch or wishful thinking. A new breed of data detectives is hoping to change that.

The White House is hosting an anti-terror summit next week. Summits being what they are, we try to offer some useful advice. Does it work? Verbal tic or strategic rejoinder? Rebroadcast Most people blame lack of time for being out of shape. So maybe the solution is to exercise more efficiently. Rebroadcast Imagine that both substances were undiscovered until today. How would we think about their relative risks? Merge With Mexico? Corporations around the world are consolidating like never before.

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Welcome to Amexico! A lot! The Norwegian government parleys massive oil wealth into huge subsidies for electric cars. Is that carbon laundering or just pragmatic environmentalism? And what does it take to succeed? The regulators are happy to comply. Somebody has to pay for it — and that somebody is everybody. Rebroadcast A look at whether spite pays — and if it even exists. What would it take to really fall in love? To which Freakonomics Radio says … Are you sure? When it comes to exercising outrage, people tend to be very selective.

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Could it be that humans are our least favorite animal? Imagine that both substances were undiscovered until today. So maybe we should ask them to do more? But 1 billion humans still smoke — so what comes next? Its potential is much more exciting than that. In others, not so much.

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And that a Queen song, played backwards, can improve your mind-reading skills. In most countries, houses get more valuable over time. In Japan, a new buyer will often bulldoze the home. Part 2 The consequences of our low marriage rate — and if the old model is less attractive, how about a new one? Part 1 The myths of modern marriage. Most people blame lack of time for being out of shape.

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What could possibly go wrong? Was he right to do so? But is the stereotype true? Spontaneous order is everywhere if you know where to look for it. But how?

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Think again. Economists crunch the numbers to learn the ROI on child-rearing. Once upon a time, office workers across America lived in fear of a dreaded infirmity. Was the computer keyboard really the villain — and did carpal tunnel syndrome really go away? So how about punishing all those bad predictions? But is that really such a good idea? You might think that someone with a chance of getting a fatal disease would want to know for sure — but you would be wrong.

What does this say about our supposed thirst for certainty? So why do we put up with burglar alarms? A look at whether spite pays — and if it even exists. It may be because of something that happened well before the Great Recession. No Smokers Need Apply In many states, it is perfectly legal to not hire someone who smokes. Should employers also be able to weed out junk-food lovers or motorcyclists — or anyone who wants to have a baby?

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In the meantime, how about making the current system work a bit better? Get ready for a fat tax, a sugar ban, and a calorie-chomping tapeworm.

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Sure, we all like to hear compliments. Unfortunately, no one has a workable plan to stop them either. The very long reach of Winston Churchill — and how the British government is remaking copyright law. But some enterprising economists have done just that — and the news is good.