Capacity for Development: New Solutions to Old Problems

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Feelings of rejection can be caused by issues like your everyday expectations not being met by your partner, an incidence of infidelity or a real shocker like a sudden announcement by your partner of their desire to leave. It hurts and you have to deal with it. The healthiest and quickest way to recover is to find a sense of belonging through other connections. Naomi Eisenberger from UCLA, lead researcher in the domain of psychological research on rejection , positive interactions with people cause a definite mood boost in humans by releasing chemicals which facilitate pleasurable reactions in the brain.

Try to invest yourself emotionally in these relationships. Shift your focus from your partner. Use the pain of rejection to find other reasons to live.

How to Deal with Rejection: Stop the Pain & Fear of Rejection

Pick up an old and forgotten hobby, maybe. Pursue it and connect with like-minded people. That will not only help you recuperate from your emotional hurt, but also prepare you for solving any issue at hand together with your partner in the near future. Remember, loving your partner and being unable to function without their emotional support are not the same thing at all. The first is healthy while the second is not.

Written by Sulagna Dasgupta, a relationship and personal development expert. Her personal blog, www. I have been rejected by a,person whom,I love lot how to overcome that The worst part is that he is already committed to some one and Now he Don even want to be my friend. Dumb Little Man. They have and continue to help, guide and direct me in these challenging times. Thank you for caring and sharing. I am grateful and kindly appreciate your kindness and thoughtfulness, expressed through the words.

Thank You! I encourage readers to share this article with any teens in their lives. Teens are so vulnerable to perceived rejection, and it can quickly spin out of control. In my opinion this article should be required reading for teens. On the plus side, the experience has inspired and motivated me to rise above it and create something even better. It was a powerful lesson learned.

Flat-out the wrong path, approach, relationship or project. The moment I started implementing this rule of thumb a few weeks ago, after almost a year of not doing it, it opened up a happy, amazing path that makes me feel alive and creative again. I hate being alone and long to be part of an exciting collaborative project, and to have the support, security and protection of a tight-knit circle of friends.

The users, takers, wannabees and hangers-on take their toll. By the time you make it, you know the difference and can choose wisely who you let into your life. This helps eliminate the sting of the rejection. I hope I remember to revisit this when I am feeling rejected.

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Very rarely, and usually when applying for a job, am I outright rejected. I have even been told on numerous occasions that I reject others and that is certainly not my intention. It just goes to show that assumptions are damaging. Thanks again! Thanks guys! What an interesting and inspiring post… I struggle with the fear of rejection almost every day. One comment struck me and made me realize where the need for acceptance, in my case, had come from.

I grew up with all of that and it has taken years to get my head on straight. Keys to the small successes as time went by came from sources such as you, who delivered insightful, supporting messages at strategic times that helped me grow from the inside out. I now have strength, those who created an insecure human being are deceased, and the peace, comfort and strength I now possess helps me truly enjoy life and empathize with others in the same situation.

Thank you for sharing your wisdom, insight, and experience!

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I love your blog and read it regularly. However, this one spoke to me not only for myself but for so many people I know. This blog inspired me to take the step to buy your book, not one copy but 5 so I can share your wise words and practical tips with people I love so very much. Thank you so much for what you do. I struggle with 1, fear is fear itself, and 6, being an individual. Have always been a people pleaser, and never thought of me as being first.

I will put into action your ideas and advice, what I have realized is that we have to step out of our comfort zone to grow stronger.

Like so many of the other readers, I too am still working on letting go of the fear of rejection. I applaud you for your courage and persistence in writing these blog posts.

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  7. All: Thank you so much for the insight and kind remarks. And to those who purchased our book, thanks for supporting our work. Your words are always encouraging and offer realisations that can change your outlook and reactions to situations. In my life I have always been concerned with the opinion of others possibly due to a lack of self love which I am working on.

    This blog was very helpful in not allowing other peoples judgements to contaminate my world. Excellent article! I cannot tell you how thankful I am today to have come across this article. A girl for whom I gave 7 years of my life left me at a crucial point in my life.

    How to Deal with Rejection: Stop the Pain & Fear of Rejection

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