Capacity for Development: New Solutions to Old Problems

In “How to Be Gay,” David M. Halperin argues that when it comes to defining what it means to be a homosexual man, sex is overrated. Joan Crawford, and on a single scene in a single movie, the drama “Mildred Pierce. down hipster irony in the face of the kind of gay male irony that defines camp.

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He loves you so much. Have a wonderful day! Hugs and Love from Diane. Diane Williams has been waving at passersby, hugging those walking, and praying with those in need since September 9, , two years before forming her non-profit. Hers is a hands-on ministry, reaching out to the lost in today's busy world. Perhaps you've seen her out there, telling people that Jesus Cares!

Does Jesus Care About Our Painful Situations?

Diane is in the world to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to those who have ears to hear. Proverbs KJV Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct thy path. Jesus Cares, Inc. To glorify God in all we do. We will be still and know that He is God.

Who Cares? Jesus Cares!

To give thanks in all things. To acknowledge God in all we do.

God Is Aware, and He Cares

To lean and depend totally on Him. To trust God.

Cast all your care on Him: A relationship with the Almighty God

Taking God's Good News to the world;. To provide love and compassion to all through prayer, words of encouragement, having a listening ear, waving, smiling and giving them hugs. Being the hands and feet of Jesus;. To provide healing to all spiritually, physically, emotionally ;. Tucking her answer away I gathered the rest.

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Maybe, the note belonged to her. If so, my heart was knit to a kindred sister.

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Have you ever been that close to being a drop-out? From life?

I have. Her heart shaped note is posted in my office. I write for and pray for women like the one who wrote it.

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C ast all your anxiety on Him, because He cares for you and me. He cares, Jesus cares.

Women get stuck in the feelings of hopelessness and despair, creating anxiety. Whatever the issue, God desires His care to outweigh her anxiety.

25 Comforting Bible Verses to Remember God's Care

I choose to believe, He cares. I know He cares. You see, I too could have written that same note years ago, Who cares, what difference does it make? Living in a painful existence in the house on the hill only Jesus saw behind every door of my home.

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